2020 Newsletter

January 2020 Mise en Place

February 2020 Mise en Place

 ACF Hbg Agenda_Feb 20

March 2020 Mise en Place 

Culinary USA Olympic Team 2020 

taco tourney flierACF Hbg Agenda_March 16

Recording of March ACF Harrisburg Chapter Meeting: https://youtu.be/gaGhdtx2O_k

April 2020 Mise en Place

NASA Hunch Culinary Challenge 2020 Recognition Ceremony

ACF Hbg Agenda_April 20

Recording of April ACF Harrisburg Chapter Meeting:  https://youtu.be/NshLAFeTDjA

May 2020 Mise en Place

Dairy Presentation_Shanna Shultz

ACF Hbg Agenda_May 18 2020

Recording of May ACF Harrisburg Chapter Meeting: https://youtu.be/dQL5cphxVTQ


June 2020 Mise en Place

ACF Hbg Agenda_June 15 2020

Recording of June 2020 ACF Harrisburg Chapter Meeting: https://youtu.be/VvEH3onm4SQ
Chef Long’s presentation can be viewed here:
The video demonstration can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/4YeOYQ5zcU4
Recording of July 2020 ACF Harrisburg Chapter Meeting: https://youtu.be/gj1fu0CsgC4
A collection of pictures from the 2018 Honey Harvest at the PA Governor’s Residence can be viewed here: 2018 Honey Harvest

September 2020 Mise en Place

ACF Hbg Agenda_September 21, 2020

Recording of September 2020 ACF Harrisburg Chapter Meeting: https://youtu.be/_rWliEEIAUw

Chef Will Racin, CEPC demo can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/GLsl4KRC84Q

October 2020 Mise en Place

ACF Hbg Agenda_October 19, 2020

Recording of October 2020 ACF Harrisburg Chapter Meeting: https://youtu.be/RYHE_4zFHu8

Chef Susan Notter, CEPC recipes demonstrated live on 10/19 at 7pm EST:

Pecan PralinesPecan ButtercrunchMarshmallowsCut CaramelCaramel Filling

November 2020 Mise en Place

ACF Hbg Agenda_November 16, 2020

Recording of Aquaponics Presentation and Virtual Tour with Sam Johnson, Director of Aquaponics at Commonwealth Charter Academy from Monday, Nov. 16th: HERE

Please join us for our December gathering, Monday, December 21st at 7pm EST, as Chef Van French, Assistant Pastry Chef at the Hotel Hershey, will dazzle us with his gingerbread decorating talents!


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